The Holy Spirit

Yesterday, I had a generous thought to give a gift that would cover the whole cost of of an item that my sweet friend needed.  The thought did not come with expectations of overwhelming gratitude, it was not to win favor, it was not going to result in any special treatment.  It was a thought of simply fulfilling a need.  This to me could only be the Holy Spirit working in my heart with a pure motive to be a servant of God.  I enjoy these thoughts as they come and I am learning to follow through.  It takes away the ruminating about what is the appropriate amount to spend on a gift, what can I afford, or what will be appreciated.  The Holy Spirit is a giver that freely blesses both the deliverer and the receiver of a gift.  The Spirit has also surprised me with courage to talk to random people that I would normally pass by or even swap a polite smile with.  These conversations then lead to an invitation or an affirmation that leaves us both feeling a happy connection. Well, I don’t know for sure that the other party feels happier, but it seems evident in their facial expression.  Why is this happening to me more just lately? Am I truly open to the Spirit or is God cracking the whip because my progress has been so slow over the years and it is time to step it up?  Probably the latter, but definitely a ‘better late than never’ situation.  I am now anticipating the next exciting thought.  There have been some grandiose plans that I did not follow up on to completion.  That frustration means I should revisit the plan I am sure.  When I try to enlist help, I am not vey successful, so it may be that I should stick to singular ideas that I can execute myself.  On a financial level, I am so very very grateful to have a husband that alows me to freely give.  It is his dollars now that are involved because I am retired from earning and I focus on volunteering.  That clever Holy Spirit is really working us both over at the same time.  I have no regrets when working with the Spirit on a matter, my only concern is to never let him go.