Wrap It Up

Yesterday, I went into my refrigerator hoping to find something that would inspire a creative and delicious dinner. I now keep a rainbow assortment of vegetables and fruits and try to consume them within a week before the nutrient value is gone. There is also twenty to thirty bottles of jellies, mustards, sauces, pickles, and other condiments in there that take years to finish. My mother had a whole drawer filled with condiment packettes that she collected from dining out- I have not yet become that frugal. I don’t like to waste things, so eventually I find a use for everything unless it starts growing an unidentifiable culture. All mothers are guilty of science experiments in their refrigerator except for the rare ones that never keep left-overs. Well, I grabbed the bowl of chic peas that I was remiss to cover in plastic wrap. Did you know they dehydrate into small hard pellets that could be used for ammunition? I was afraid to even try them in my Vitamix. There has been considerable debate in our house about proper storage of left over food. My husband prefers everything to be in nice little plastic containers with lids. Now picture the flying lids as I search for one from our collection of a hundred that will fit the container I just filled. I like good old Saran Wrap, but that prevents stacking the leftovers for maximum space usage. I didn’t cover the chic peas because I was certain I would use them the next day; which I didn’t. What is my lesson? Yes, listen to my husband of course, but aslo to take the time to preserve the things we value. How do we wrap the people we love to protect them from outside corruption or from withering into a small hardened pellet? How do we wrap ourselves? I have thought about winding Saran Wrap around my body after seeing “Fried Green Tomatoes”, but seriously, our clothing alone cannot protect us. We have to wrap our minds with the word of God to be ready for the barrage of sights and sounds that we will encounter everyday. I did toss the dehydrated chick peas and used the rest for my cream of broccoli soup. It was delicious. I still need to take more time to protect my food, my mind, my family and friends. I will start with prayer- it’s a wrap!


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