Racing the Rainclouds

Yesterday, I went for a ride on my new aubergine colored Schwinn bicycle. It was so comfortable that it hardly felt like exercise. The Historic Harbor in Ashtabula is only twenty minutes away, so a stop at the Harbor Perk for a smoothie is always good incentive to ride. The afternoon was warm and the sun shining, so I did not need a jacket. A few clouds were over Lake Erie like the day before. Those clouds can roll in fast, but I felt confident that I would be safe with my speedy pace and the protection of God smiling down from the heavens. I got to the Harbor and ordered my icy beverage to rehydrate while sitting outside to enjoy the view of the lift bridge. Suddenly, I realized there was a dark cloud overhead and its growing billows told me to head for home. Up the hill I went and heard a walker proclaim, “You’re going to get caught in the rain”. ” I don’t think so”, I thought to myself, “I am quick like a bunny on my bike and I see plenty of sunshine ahead. I will take a path that keeps me away from the dark clouds”. Five minutes into the ride home I felt sprinkles. “I can do this,” I kept thinking and I picked up my pace. The sun was now gone and the rain came harder. I stopped under a tree and thought it might pass right over. The rain came even harder. I was getting wet. On I went into the rain getting soaked to the skin and wondering where God’s sunny smile went. For a moment I thought of knocking on the door of one of the many neighbors I know along the way and to take shelter,image but being soaked through, I decided just to forge ahead. I slowed down and carefully peddled on the slippery street and lifted my feet while going through the puddles. ‘Weeee”, I was a kid again. With five minutes left the sun came back out but I was dripping wet. A baptism you say? Yes, definitely a reminder of being washed clean and set free. When I got home, I saw that my hubby came home early and wouldn’t he shake his head and roll his eyes. Instead, he brought the fluffy white robe and warmed me with a big hug. What did I learn? We may lose a race even when we are confident, but the welcome home hugs can not be beat.


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