State of Confusion

This week, I did not know what state I was in; the state of confusion to be sure. Hubby and I flew from Charleston to what I thought was Washington DC, because that was the route we took when flying down to Charleston. Hubby informed me we were in New Jersey and needed to catch a bus to get to the concourse for our next flight that would board in twenty minutes. We had to hustle after waiting for our gate checked bags to be unloaded- yikes, no bathroom break. While walking at a decent clip my glasses fall off and I kicked them ten feet in front of me. Thankfully a nice man picked them up and returned them rather than continuing the soccer game in the bustling hallway. So, you get the picture of a frenzied albeit seasoned traveler? Traveling always has an element of thrill, and definitely moments of frustration ( What do you mean my suitcase did not make the connection? The flight is canceled and there is not another until tomorrow? You upgraded my husband to first class and stuck me with a person who takes up all the room on the arm rest?). All of those really happened last year. The odds of incident increase with the number of flights taken, I suppose. My hubby is my favorite travel companion and he does a fine job of making arrangements. Having a traveling buddy can be delightful and helpful as long as one of us is reassuring the other that it is all good and there are wonderful opportunities ahead. Traveling alone means being in close quarters with people we have never met. They don’t always want to talk, but most do. Chatting with a stranger who is encroaching on my personal space also has its rewards. When swapping stories, I often find that I receive clarity on things that were previously confusing. I have learned much about problem solving by listening to others-even strangers. Listening is the primary factor for clearing up confusion. I must have missed the flight attendants announcement, “Welcome to Newark”, when we landed because I was absorbed in a book. We made it to our next flight on time. I feel certain that the continuous prayers flowing from my stream of thought keeps me walking with God throughout my journeys. My prayers today are for those in the Ft Lauderdale airport. We were there one week ago, and last night we were waiting for friends to fly home from that airport to join us for dinner. I pray they make it home today safely. No matter what city we travel to, I pray the Lord keeps us in a state of grace.image


One thought on “State of Confusion

  1. Kim, funny, touching, and profound all wrapped in one lovely package!! Joanna and I left Pittsburgh a day earlly (yesterday…..flight supposedly leaving at 5 and arriving in Charming Charlotte by 615.) So as soon as we hopped into the UBER following my dad in law’s touching funeral mass, having the priest eloquently point us toward Heaven………well……the driver informed us of the shooting which had just taken place in Ft.Lauderdale… already generally anxious about flying daughter was riddled with fear of flying into a potential snowstorm and a terrorist to boot!! The first leg of our flight was pretty turbulant; but through prayer and surrender we safely landed in Charlotte; and Charleston at 1030. Praise God for the times that all we have is Him to lean on!!

    Lorna Loop

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