Old Baggage

Yesterday, I packed my suitcase and the zipper broke! It was NOT over stuffed. I pack light because I do not want to agitate the carpal tunnels on my wrists or the rotator cuffs on my shoulders. I only know those words because several family members have had surgery on those body parts. My first suitcase was a Samsonite. Actually, it was my mother’s little white overnight case. Just the right size for a visit to grandma’s house, or the one time I thought I could set off on my own with my Barbie dolls at age seven; and never have my mother boss me around again. My mother kept a little bar of Camay soap in the case to keep it smelling fresh. It had a burgundy satin lining and elastic bands to hold things in place. She explained to me that it was her wedding gift, and I would have to find something else if I was running away from home. My second suitcase was an American Tourister. It took me all over South America, to college, on my honeymoon, and now carries what is left of my Barbie dolls. My daughter’s Barbies are in there too, along with several handmade outfits that my mother expertly designed and sewed on her Singer Sewing Machine in the Sixties. In the last thirty years we have had dozens of suitcases. There was the beige canvas from Land’s End, and then four other brands and colors of luggage that have been abused and broken by various airlines, or permanently borrowed by our children. It is a little ridiculous how quickly they fall apart- usually the zippers. I have been very good at fixing zippers in the past, even when it has taken hours of patience. These bigger zippers are beyond my expertise and a professional fixer would cost more than the case. Sadly, this incompetent case is going to the Goodwill, and I shall fill it with clothing that no longer fits. My hubby always says it is worth paying the price for quality items that will last far beyond what is fashionable. I will go shopping and find the best case, hopefully on sale. The little lesson here is not to keep so much baggage. We can try to store them in our attic, but soon they become a nagging problem. We don’t need to remember all the disconcerting events of our past and load up with woes and regrets. Clear out the storage units and make room for fresh ideas and joyful perspectives. If the old baggage is no longer useful, it is taking up valuable space in our lives and minds. It is no wonder why we walk in a room and have forgotten what we needed there, if we are ruminating about something in the past. I am not ready to be called an old bag, so I will zip a lip to the overstuffed baggage in the past. Often we over pack just to be prepared for what might come. Packing light requires just the necessaries that are versatile and practical. Now, off to the store to find a four wheeler suitcase that practically rolls itself. It is time to look to the future with a solid case and renewed excitement.


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