Oh That Glow

Last week, I had a one hour facial at the hotel spa while my hubby was at an annual conference. What a luxurious treat! My technician massaged an aromatic lotion gently over my face, neck and shoulders. Then, there was the hot towel, this was repeated two more times with an arm and hand massage between each application. The exfoliation process was tingly and refreshing, and my favorite was a final scalp massage. I nearly drifted to sleep under the last hot towel. That night a dinner, several people asked if I had spent the afternoon at the spa, because they said my face was glowing. This reminded me of the story of Stephen the martyr in the book of Acts. People noticed as he looked to heaven, his face shone like a light. Jack Graham discusses this in his book titles, “Angels”. People who do God’s work have a radiant face. He says:

“They watch for needs around them and joyfully meet the ones they can meet. They speak the love of God often to those living far from him. They keep short accounts when misunderstandings occur and beg forgiveness when they are to blame. They love well. They serve well. They speak well. They live well. They are light in a very dark world.
They have faces like those of the angels, you might say: holy, righteous, and bright.
You and I can be angel-faced too, no expensive face creams required. We can pulsate with the light of our Lord and Savior simply by residing in his presence day by day. We can choose victory over defeat. We can choose compassion over judgment. We can choose kindness over revenge. We can choose understanding over fits of rage. We can reflect the peace and joy of the angels, bright beings who themselves reflect the glory of God. And the world will take notice! You can’t conceal those who glow.”

This excerpt says exactly what I desire to do. To love well and choose the positive course of action. This takes a conscious effort because it is not our human nature to think of others before our selves. When getting a facial I did not think about anything while the healing touch of Marie allowed me to forget all my struggles of the month before. It may not take face cream to achieve an inner glow, but a face massage was so relaxing and a beautiful expression of tender care. We are given the ability to change how people feel with just a touch and should not ignore that gift. I believe more arguments would end quickly if we said, “Sit back, I giving you a facial.” That would look pretty funny in a courtroom or a classroom. My new mantra will be prayer instead of protests, facials instead of fighting. I might even start carrying a bottle of lavender lotion for emergencies. If you see people around you with a “glow”, it may be they have been to the spa, or they may indeed be angels. Keep in touch.



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