Yesterday, I was brushing my teeth with a fancy, multicolored, name brand toothbrush, and the handle snapped in two. My teeth must be pretty tough thanks to Doctor Jay who gives me a new brush after every check up. Luckily, that neon pink rubber design around the handle kept the pieces together and protected my hand so I could finish. Leverage was difficult, and this directed me to my weekly deep thought analysis. A simple tool can give us the very important leverage that we need. I taught that lesson to my Third Grade Class with fun experiments. We need leverage to accomplish our goals not only for physical needs but in spiritual needs. The simple tool for spiritual leverage is faith. King David repeatedly demonstrates this in his historical accounts from the time he was a boy facing Goliath, to his ultimate leadership of a nation. Saint Paul demonstrates spiritual leverage as well with the simple tools of prayer and trust in Christ. This battle of the soul changed the mindset of people in every town where he bravely spoke out. My hubby reminds me of the importance of leverage in business too. The simple tool is being prepared. He says hard work to obtain knowledge and truth, far outweighs being the smartest or the wealthiest. I hope I condensed that accurately, but I picture him shaking his head. In any event, leverage gives us an advantage that can result in accomplished goals and victory. Improper use of a simple tool can cause a pressure point that looses leverage. Do your children remind you as mine do to stop pressuring them? Finding the right placement of the simple tool is the delicate part of parenting. Faith, trust, prayer, and being prepared are in my tool box. It is now time to schedule a dental appointment and get a new toothbrush.