No Sweat

Yesterday, I was sweating bullets. There was my friend Patti looking fresh and composed while I could feel the rivulets rolling down my neck, nose and spine. We were having a lovely lunch outside under an umbrella with an industrial fan blowing nearby, but it must have been ninety degrees with high humidity. Good thing our water glasses were kept full, because I was losing a pint of perspiration every five minutes and tried to keep hydrating. I was not glistening, I was a complete downpour of salty body coolant. As I demurely mopped up with my napkin, my hair started to stick to the back of my neck and frizz out on top. I am always tempted to take scissors to it myself in the summer. This whole summer has felt like a menopausal hot flash. I am about to buy one of those hats with the little electric fan that keeps the face cool. Obviously, I just need time to grow accustomed to the climate or figure out what is organically wrong with me to sweat so profusely. I don’t want to look like a nervous wreck with sweat stains in my cleavage and armpits unless I earn it by running a mile. We have all heard, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, yet,  women worry about every little thing ( I must look a fright, did I turn off the oven, where did I leave my phone, did I say the right thing, who will take care of me when I am old?). I was not going to mention the heat or let it bother me a bit so I could concentrate on our conversation. But, there I was sweating like I was caught in a lie, or speaking in front of a crowd for the first time. I know it is wonderful for the skin and complexion, but jeepers, give a girl a break. Of course this makes me think of the woman at the well with Jesus when he said, ” I will give you living water, so you will never thirst.” We pour fluids into our body that constantly demands more, but if we pour over the words of our Savior we will not thirst or worry. We will be satisfied by the answered prayers and promises of eternal life in Him. Don’t sweat it! If we can’t stand the heat, find some refreshing water to cool down. I remember we were just complaining about how cold the winter was. I am going to the freezer section of the grocery to chill. image