Wet and Wonderful

Yesterday, my daughter Bethany married Lewis Lewis Single​ at the Rye Patch house in Aiken, SC. It was a weekend of meeting her new family and joining in celebration with many friends. It was a bit like running a hurtle race. I have never been in a hurtle race and don’t know how to prepare for one, but I suspect flexibility is key. Of our many obstacles, forgetfulness was probably the biggest. We compensated in most cases and were rescued by the best friends in the world in other cases. It started with me forgetting the Mason jars in Charleston, and the Howard’s retrieved them and helped me set them on the tables. The irony is they never got filled with water because the rain started and the ceremony was moved to the living room where the tables were set. The tent flooded around the dance floor, so the guests all stayed inside the house. The classiest family and friends we could hope for all cooperated and socialized while the banquet had two seatings. Derek Doss​ was a notable hero who took off his jacket and helped the caterer clear tables. His servant heart has rescued Bethany many times in college. Brian Hill​ and Matt James​ were the best sons in the world who completed the final clean up and pack up while my husband and I wondered if our legs would still work in the morning. Another water issue beside the rain was that the Hilton was evacuated because of a water system failure. Our guests scrambled to new hotels and jumped that hurtle without complaint. Truly endearing was that there were no complaints, but many praises and compliments. I cannot be more thankful for this family and group of friends that we are blessed with. Obstacles cannot stop the love. It flows like water and pours like rain. It nourishes and replenishes our spirit. The hurtle race was won because the cheering crowd on the sidelines encouraged us with every leap. We will keep running with conviction.


The Center of Love

Yesterday, I worked on a couple painting projects that I thought would be fun and rewarding. The first was painting a child’s bench, and I completed it with minor splatters and relative satisfaction. Because the weather was so nice and I had the garage door open to enjoy the breeze, I decided to continue on to painting a banner. I had never painted on raw canvas, so I was not sure if I had the right brushes or paint. It was going well enough so I took a picture and sent it to the mission group to approve. Horror of horrors, I misspelled the Spanish word Christ! I simply added an O, but Cristo does not have an H. How do I correct this? I found a sample of house paint to use over the letters and removed the C and H and then moved the C over. The result as you can see is that Cristo is off my center. My lesson is : If Cristo is not our center, then every thing else will feel off center too.
I finished the bench project by painting bunnies on the back using a stencil that my mother-in-law had saved for years and never used. Oh dear, that design is off center too! My father-in-law would have meticulously measured if he were helping me. Thankfully, there is a fix to being off center emotionally too. It doesn’t require a paint over or throwing in the towel. This week as I gather with loving family and friends to celebrate the wedding of our daughter Bethany and her fiancé Lewis, the joy of their love will bring me back to center. Love is the answer. Bethany was only three when she said, “Love is all the matters”. She is so right.

Fear of Food

Yesterday, I had the delight of dining out with my sweetheart for lunch and dinner. We went to Dellz Deli after visiting a friend in the hospital. I am pleased to say that Dellz is a “clown friendly” restaurant and no one questioned why I had a big red smile and nose painted on my face. We were humming with hmm mmm good sounds while eating our Chillin Black Bean Wrap and a Snobby Joe. This is my favorite vegetarian spot in Charleston introduced to me by Linda Hall Howard​, so I am glad that I was finally able to show Stu why I crave this food. It is on the corner of Rutledge and 17 and so unassuming on the outside that one could easily miss it. Then last night we had French Cuisine on our mind and went to Bougnat for the first time. Oh my, such savory dishes with sauces created by a talented French Chef who came out to sese who these people were that kept casting compliments when the server checked on us. I truly would like to take a class in wine reduction sauce that was on Stu’s duck confit and buerre blanc that was on my local fresh caught mahi. We both eat clean most of the week, which means fresh vegetable salads most evenings, and my experimental soups- no recipes. Totally Fit​ has had as trickle down effect on our life style which results in feeling better. Linda and the directors do not cruise around looking for people eating errantly or picket in front of steak houses. We simply try to create the healthiest menus possible and have a lot of fun finding delicious ways of serving vegetarian dishes. Stu and I have a greater appreciation of fine dining when we want to splurge and do not fear repercussions of a good bottle of wine. As we drove home we agreed it was a fun food day. I like to return to places that are tried and true, but I also love the adventure of trying someplace new. In a world where we are developing a fear of food and how it is grown, produced and processed; the lesson may be to enjoy the company with whom you share a meal and praise the chef when the cuisine brings music to your lips.

Shine Your Light

Yesterday, I set my clocks forward and went to bed early. I might still be a bit muddle headed waking up in the dark. I like that kiss of dawn that tells me it is morning before I get out of bed. Light is important for so many things. Well, I stopped at the gas station to fill up last night and was mildly distracted- which is sometimes wildly dangerous. Thankfully, they no longer allow us to fill up without holding the pump. When I finished and got into the car and drove away under the bright lights, with a car in front and behind me, I forgot something important. It was not until I turned the corner away from traffic that I realized that my lights were off! Yes, there are the dim parking lights that are automatic, which is somewhat helpful. So, I turned my light on feeling sheepish that I was surrounded by everyone else’s light and did not recognize that I was in the dark. This reminded me that so often we depend on the light of others to guide us and sustain us. Now that we are in daylight saving time, let’s check our lamps and change our bulbs. Walking in the darkness is a lonesome road to travel, driving in the dark is just dangerous. I want to live in the light and walk in the truth. If I forget something, please flash your brights to remind me.