My Zipper Broke!

Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch with my pink leather-like jacket zipped all the way to the top. It is a boxy cut and by no means a tighit. Sounds like I am making excuses already, I know. I leaned forward to grab my hot cup of tea and suddenly the zipper started to undo from the bottom. “Oh dear”, I thought as I tried to zip it back down. Oh double dear, the steal was not budging one iota! With the zipper half way down to the point where it stopped separating from the bottom; I wriggled out of it. I have fixed many a zipper in my time, but this looked like I would have to have it replaced. With one more push on the zipper head, I could hear a faint pop, and I felt it move just one tooth down. Okay, a hundred more teeth to go, but maybe I can do this? It took and hour with several breaks to give my sore thumb a rest. What is the lesson I kept wondering, but the only thought that came was, “Zip a Lip”. My mom used to say it, and then I have said it to a thousand children in my teaching career. I have to admit that my questions and concerns for my daughter have been on overdrive the last few weeks. We have covered many subjects and discussed strategies until I fall asleep exhausted every night at 8:30. Now it must be time to “Zip a Lip” and just live. My daughters have advised me on occasion and I know it is just as important to listen to them as it is to cast forth all my wisdom and reminders. I am lucky they are so easy to talk with and it is so fun to laugh at ourselves together. And also, I am lucky my hubby does not give me the “Stifle yourself, Edith”, speech that Archie Bunker was so famous for. Why mothers like to micro manage their children, or why we feel that everyone should think like we do is most likely self-centered. If we put God at the center, there is a greater peace in daily living. So, if our zipper should break or if we say more than we should; it can be repaired with patience and humility. Tomorrow, I shall the jacket with buttons.